Business Continuity


No one wants their day interrupted by technology glitches and shortsightedness. We do everything we can to help you avoid a technology disaster, but if the unthinkable happens because of: fire, flood, etc. -- getting back on your feet as quickly as possible is key.  A solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan is the first step in ensuring that your business will continue to operate despite serious incidents or be recovered to an operational level in a short period of time.

While many groups focus on documenting the plan, which is, of course important, what’s more important is putting the infrastructure and processes in place that would allow your business to recover quickly after a disaster.

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We can help guide you to determine what preventative measures needs to be in place so that you can stop a disaster before it occurs. You won’t be able to stop certain disasters, but malicious acts and human error are often preventable if redundancies are in place. Reducing your risk is the one of the key elements of this plan – everything from simple things like using surge protectors to ensuring back up data is kept offsite.

As we help to prepare your business continuity plan we will review best practices with regard to warding off any unwanted IT security risks, by evaluating potential threats. Every business is different, and threats need to be evaluated based on the individual needs of each client and their business model. Solutions include simple things like anti-virus software to more complex solutions at a server level.

Finally, corrective measures are outlined. In the event of a disaster, what steps will be taken to restore the system after a disaster? Which team members are responsible for which element of the recovery plan? How will they access the data needed for the recovery?