Managed IT Support



Who will be helping and how do I get support?


Our Help Desk & IT Support

Nowadays there are a number of organizations that offer Managed IT Support solutions, but it's not just hardware and software.  As with any technology solution, its important that your business needs are understood, and that your technology solutions are explained to you in a fashion that makes sense and is understandable to you.  Our team is adept at understanding non-technical people and asking the right questions to be able to translate “it’s broken” into “this is exactly the solution I was looking for.”

To do this our team relies on a number of tools and processes.  First, we begin by developing an overall understanding of your business and a technology plan.  Then we use a combination of telephone support, Help Desk tickets, server alerts, remote desktop support to help execute the plan, and manage the day-to-day solutions every business needs, all within a pre-defined budget.  

IT help Desk Services

  • Desktop upgrades, installation and migration
  • Business line of application support
  • End user profile and accounts support and management
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware license and management
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Remote worker support