IT Consulting Services


Do you encounter frustrating technology issues?

Frustrated by your systems and solutions not interacting with one another? can help streamline your technology processes and assist you in improving efficiency. We can help you be proactive, set budgets and plan your future technology needs. We can help you identify and address current security issues and improve your business continuity and disaster recovery plans.


What are you getting out of your technology investment?


Setting up a computer network can be especially challenging for small and medium businesses.  The VLinteractive team will meet with you to determine the specific needs of your business.  When it comes to Computer networks, one size does not fit all.  Understanding your business needs is the first step in determining your computer network needs.

Technician setting up a computer network

  • Network assessment: An overall network performance report and recommendation
  • Network security implementation: Install security layers on your business network
  • Remote Network implementation: VPN and remote office network installation
  • Network relocation: Assist in network move and relocation
  • Network Documentation: Audit and provide network layout documentation
  • Asset Inventory: Provide network assets details
  • Domain Network Deployment: Microsoft domain networks installation





Does your company have a need for centralized file and application server?


The VLinteractive team can help you with everything from initial server set up to on-going server management.  Everything from Microsoft Server Installation to server hardware upgrades.  We can assist with your small business server installation as well as your exchange server set-up and installation.

Server Installation & Management

  • Microsoft Servers Installation Services
  • Server Hardware Upgrade Services
  • Virtual (VM-ware – Hyper-V) Servers consulting
  • Exchange Server installation
  • SQL and Database installation
  • Small Business Server Installation
  • Server Management and Maintenance





Are you looking to standardize your office network with a Microsoft based solution?


Microsoft Consulting Services

We have a team of Microsoft certified technicians who can set up Microsoft domain networks and servers, as well as design appropriate exchange servers for your specific business needs.  Our team can help determine your SQL server needs, and then install and set up databases as required. 

Microdot Consulting Services

  • Microsoft Consulting Services: Plan and Deploy Microsoft domain networks and servers.
  • Exchange Server Services: Plan and design Exchanges servers infrastructure and provide management.
  • SQL Consulting Services: Plan and design SQL server farms and provide server installation and Database services.
  • Small Business Server (SBS) Services: SBS installation, migration and consulting.