Social Media

Social Media

Putting your message in front of the right people at the right time

At VLinteractive, we believe that social media is a key component of any outreach program when you are trying to engage your audience.

Not all Social Media is good for every outreach program, it is imperative to develop a plan that matches your business needs with the appropriate social media channels, and respects the amount of resources you have to dedicate to your social media marketing.

For example, when organizations engage in social media strategies, they must recognize that social media platforms involve responding to posts in a timely manner. Before you launch your social media activities, ensure you have policies with regard to written or email communications from customers, these will need to be revised to include social media response times.

Measurement Metrics

How will you measure your success?

  • Fans
  • Followers
  • Conversations
  • Mentions
  • Website referrals from social media, or responses to feedback questions

The metrics you use will depend on your goals and objectives. Using various points of analytics, you can track the engagements for each channel. The individual social media analytics should also be connected to website analytics. Do website referrals from twitter “convert” to sales more than website referrals from Pinterest?

Our Social Media Services

Social Media Audit

Before we begin helping you craft social media marketing plan that is right for you, our team will conduct a social media audit of your existing activities. A detailed analysis of your current social media presence and how it aligns with your social media goals, target audience and expectations provides a performance benchmark of SEO effectiveness.


The basic elements of our social media audit include:

  • Overview of your current social media strategy
  • Detailed look at each social network you current have a presence on
  • Trend analysis of what's working – and what's not – in your industry
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Actionable tips for improving your efforts


New social media channels, and new tools on existing platforms are regularly introduced, therefore its importance to re-evaluate the performance of your social media marketing strategy to ensure your tactics are delivering the results your business needs.

VLinteractive has developed and implemented number of Social Media strategies for clients, as well as for the group of companies, including,,, and

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