Managed IT Services


Do you have a recurring need for network support but don’t have the budget to hire full time IT staff?

We are able to find the right solution that fits your budget and needs. Whether it is a dedicated cloud hosting solution or stand-alone on-site server, the best design will be custom engineered to suit you.

What happens when you can’t afford to have an IT professional on staff?  If your organization is not able have a dedicated full-time IT person, our managed services may be just what you need.  It allows you to proactively outsource these responsibilities to an expert in their field.  We have several team members with different areas of expertise, this means you get lots of brain power, but you only pay for the hours that you need.


How can I ensure that my staff always has easy access to their email and documents regardless of where they are working?


As technology evolves the Network Management questions become both simpler and more complex.  Simpler for your team to access the information they need to achieve your business goals; more complex because there are a number of systems that may need to securely communicate with one another to enable ease of use from a user perspective.  Our team of experts can help you find the solutions that are best suited to your business, your business processes, your teams’ needs, as well as your security needs.

Our Network Management Services Include:

  • Implement and design WAN and LAN networks
  • Connect remote offices and branches
  • Manage and maintain network devices
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity
  • Manage network security and intrusion prevention solutions
  • Implement and manage VPN and remote worker solutions
  • Monitor network activity and status





Are you having trouble staying on top of server issues in a timely fashion?


If servers and the cloud are a mystery to you, VLinteractive can help you with your Server Management.  We can offer Tier-1 Level hosting, as well as more economical shared hosting services.  The Interactive team’s server management includes Microsoft Windows based server solutions running on PLESK control panel – giving you more control, and we can support HTML, PHP, ASP, .NET Nuke, WordPress and Joomla platforms. We will monitor your applications to ensure they stay up, provide preventative maintenance, and protect you from suspicious activity such as viruses and malware.

Server Management Image

  • Hardware: around the clock monitoring for hardware utilization and health.
  • Services: Ensure application services are running without any issues.
  • Storage: Monitor physical drives' health and RAID status.
  • Events Log: Query event logs and get alerted to events from bespoke applications.
  • Security: Monitor servers for any suspicious activity, viruses and malware.
  • Backup: Manage backup jobs and verify the backup files integrity.
  • Maintenance: Perform scheduled preventive server maintenance.





How can I ensure reliable, secure performance of employee systems?
How can I reduce technology issues for employees?


We help to ensure that the computer needs of each of your employees is well met.  We will help you assess your needs to determine the types of computer solutions that you require, and help you develop a life-cycle plan for all of your technology needs, as well as technology policies.  We will set up your computers, install software, ensure each computer has appropriate software.  And of course, we will help you to ensure all of your information from all of your computers is safely stored and backed up on a regular basis.

  • Patch Management
  • Software Development
  • Asset Management
  • Security
  • Policy Management
  • Desktop Backup





Who will be helping and how do I get support?


Our Help Desk & IT Support

Nowadays there are a number of organizations that offer Managed IT Support solutions, but it's not just hardware and software.  As with any technology solution, its important that your business needs are understood, and that your technology solutions are explained to you in a fashion that makes sense and is understandable to you.  Our team is adept at understanding non-technical people and asking the right questions to be able to translate “it’s broken” into “this is exactly the solution I was looking for.”

To do this our team relies on a number of tools and processes.  First, we begin by developing an overall understanding of your business and a technology plan.  Then we use a combination of telephone support, Help Desk tickets, server alerts, remote desktop support to help execute the plan, and manage the day-to-day solutions every business needs, all within a pre-defined budget.  

IT help Desk Services

  • Desktop upgrades, installation and migration
  • Business line of application support
  • End user profile and accounts support and management
  • Anti-virus and anti-malware license and management
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Remote worker support





How do I know what I need or what I have already?


In today’s business world, technology needs and security change rapidly.  As your business grows and evolves, so do your network needs.  A network audit is an important business tool to ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible, as well as with proper security procedures in place. 

Network Assessment Image

  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Asset Detail Report
  • External Vulnerabilities Assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Assessment
  • Hardware Performance Assessment
  • Applications Performance Assessment
  • Domain Network Assessment
  • Best Practice Assessment





No one wants their day interrupted by technology glitches and shortsightedness.


We do everything we can to help you avoid a technology disaster, but if the unthinkable happens because of: fire, flood, etc. -- getting back on your feet as quickly as possible is key.  A solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan is the first step in ensuring that your business will continue to operate despite serious incidents or be recovered to an operational level in a short period of time.

While many groups focus on documenting the plan, which is, of course important, what’s more important is putting the infrastructure and processes in place that would allow your business to recover quickly after a disaster.

Remove the Crisis and come up with a solution image

We can help guide you to determine what preventative measures needs to be in place so that you can stop a disaster before it occurs. You won’t be able to stop certain disasters, but malicious acts and human error are often preventable if redundancies are in place. Reducing your risk is the one of the key elements of this plan – everything from simple things like using surge protectors to ensuring back up data is kept offsite.

As we help to prepare your business continuity plan we will review best practices with regard to warding off any unwanted IT security risks, by evaluating potential threats. Every business is different, and threats need to be evaluated based on the individual needs of each client and their business model. Solutions include simple things like anti-virus software to more complex solutions at a server level.

Finally, corrective measures are outlined. In the event of a disaster, what steps will be taken to restore the system after a disaster? Which team members are responsible for which element of the recovery plan? How will they access the data needed for the recovery?